Rosemary Verey - 21 December 1917   ~    31 May 2001

Rosemary Verey ~ December 21, 1918 - May 31, 2001

Rosemary Verey had written 19 books and countless articles about gardening.  The gardens which she created at Barnsley House near Cirencester in Gloucestershire are some of the most famous gardens in England.  Today, the house has been converted into a hotel; however, the gardens still remain intact under an agreement made during the sale of the property.

Rosemary and I had been close friends since the early 1980s, and throughout the years had toured many gardens both in the Unted Kingdom and  in America, but I always found that her gardens were not topped by any that we had seen.

"While masses of color can be dazzling, a successfull garden also imparts a feeling of tranquility", and Rosemary's gardens certainly fulfills my definition of a successful garden.  She was also kind enough to include my garden in her book The American Man's Garden. - Carl Neels

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